Electric scooters are causing problems in Paphos, police spokesman Michalis Nikolaou said on Tuesday, since local authorities have not made provision for their conditions of use.

In the past year, police have issued 90 fines he said for scooter users committing various traffic violations. Although their use in several areas is prohibited, confusion reigns as authorities have not designated lanes or determined safe circulation areas.

Speaking to Cyprus Mail Nikolaou clarified the scooters in question are the step-on type, usually battery operated.

“The municipality needs to decide on which streets the scooters are allowed and paint lanes for them,” the police spokesman said, adding that though they may use paved areas, some streets with a designated speed limit of 30kmph could also, potentially, be open for them, provided lane markers exist.

Police have had to respond to complaints about the scooters from Kato Paphos drivers, including their frequent use by minors who sometimes use them to tow rolling seats, which is prohibited.

Nikolaou noted that on July 28 last year the laws governing the circulation of bicycles and other personal mobility devices, such as step-on scooters, were published in the Official Gazette of the Republic.

Referring to some of the legal prerequisites, he said use of scooters is only permitted for persons aged 14 and over, riders must wear a protective helmet, and during the night they should wear clothing with reflective strips.

Nikolaou also said transporting any passenger is prohibited, except in certain conditions and for certain vehicles, where the passenger is 12 years or older and seated.

He said that although the use of scooters under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden, scooter riders are exempt from third party insurance.