Investigations are underway at the land registry over the procedures followed by Afik Group, which has been selling Greek Cypriot property in the north, and whose CEO has a company registered in the Republic, it emerged on Wednesday.

The interior ministry did not respond to a Cyprus Mail request for comment in time for publication, after daily Politis reported google satellite images were being used to locate Afik Group developments and cross reference them with the department’s registrar.

Officials will then compare whether the owners have turned to the immovable property commission in the north. The plan is to establish whether Greek Cypriots consented to the developments in their property, and if it transpires they did not, this would be an illegal move from Afik Group, the report said.

Nonetheless, it is believed there may be cases where Greek Cypriot property owners may have struck a private deal with the developer.

Selling Greek Cypriot property after a private deal however, is not permitted in the north, as it does not recognise title deeds published in the Republic, Politis reported citing a source close to the matter.

Additionally, the article said the interior minister is also exploring the details on how Yaacov Afik, the company’s CEO, obtained a residence permit in the Republic.

Afik is described as an Israeli with a Portuguese passport, a passport from the ‘TRNC’ and a residency permit in the Republic of Cyprus, according to Politis. The interior ministry did not respond to Cyprus Mail requests for confirmation.

Afik Group describes itself as an international development and construction company, which has over 8,000 property units for sale in the north, across Famagusta, Karpasia and Kyrenia. The firm operates in Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany and Greece. It has offices in the north, Turkey and Germany.

But as shown in the company registrar, Yaacov, the firm’s CEO, in 2020, registered a company named Danilen Ltd with the Republic with himself as both director and secretary.

The company’s registered address in Nicosia appears to be the same as that of the Phoebus, Christos Clerides & Associates firm, on the third floor of Stasinos Court, on Stasinos Avenue and Ayias Elenis 2.

Last week, government sources said President Nikos Christodoulides and members of his cabinet were closely monitoring the matter.