A forest fire in Dierona was put under control the forestry department said on Sunday morning, after battling with the blaze through the night.

An announcement from the forestry department said that the fire was put completely under control around 12:30pm.

According to the department, the fire broke out at around 6pm in the evening and was put partially under control late in the night.

However, reports said that fire fighters remained in the area throughout the night, as there was a chance of a flare-up.

Director of the forestry department Charalambos Alexandrou said that ground forces were put on alert at around 3am following a “very serious flare-up,” which was brought under control by 6:30am, with the help of aircraft, which resumed operations with the first light of day.

Aircraft dropped water in the area from 5:30am until 7:30am.

According to Alexandrou, there is calm in the area now, and they are expected to announce the fire was fully extinguished later in the day.

The fire had broken out in a difficult to reach area.

Last year, a 33-year-old, sentenced to two years in jail, used a lighter and set fire at three different places in the area of Dierona, Limassol just 1,240 metres from the edges of a state forest. As a result, a total area of 570 square metres of pines and bushes was burned.

In addition, he had brandished a knife at a police officer and individual who confronted him.