Two new fixed traffic cameras were switched on in Limassol on Monday morning, bringing the total number of fixed traffic cameras in the country to seven.

The cameras have been placed at the intersection between Archbishop Makarios Avenue and Nikos Pattichis and Archbishop Leontios Avenues in the city and are the first outside Nicosia to be put into service.

In addition to the seven fixed traffic cameras, there are currently a total of 20 mobile traffic cameras in operation on the island.

Speaking to CyBC radio, traffic department assistant manager Haris Evripidou said the installation of the two cameras in Limassol completes the first phase of the camera installation project.

He added that the locations of the cameras had been selected “according to wherever there are serious or deadly incidents, or other problems with the speed limit”.

The seven cameras placed so far, he said, have been placed on intersections as they not only record motorists’ speed, but whether they run red lights.

“Motorists have to learn that the moment the green light goes out, we have to stop”, he said, noting that many drivers attempt to run red lights and that this causes accidents.

Evripidou said that in the second phase of camera installations 23 new fixed traffic cameras would be installed across the island, bringing the national total up to 30.

While most of the planned cameras will continue to be placed on intersections, he said that some, including on the Larnaca coastal road, will be installed purely for the purpose of recording drivers’ speed.

Regarding the results of the cameras’ installation, Evripidou said that more than 60,000 fines had been issued in the first half of the year. He added that legal action had been taken against 3,000 people for unpaid fines.