Two dozen protesters gathered at Eleftheria Square in Nicosia on Thursday demanding the government to stop the sex education reform it recently passed.

The reform, according to what was announced at the time would see children learn at various levels throughout their schooling, about how to protect themselves and what appropriate and inappropriate touching means.

Children at pre-school school age will be taught about family and friendships, as well as how to speak to adults about problems or issues that may arise.

Meanwhile, starting from primary school, children will learn about reproduction and private body parts, ‘good and bad’ secrets, friendship, healthy relationships, personal hygiene and body care, gender identity, emotions and respect.

However, members of the Pancyprian Protest Team on Thursday said “they do not want their children to be taught about masturbation or that homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt or have families.”

“A child that is gay is accepted in society. It is acceptable for the [gay] individual to have their relationship. What is not acceptable is for them to adopt,” one of the protesters said.

He added that people were taught that the father is a man and that the mother is woman.

“If there were two Adams or two Eves the story would have ended. But there was an Adam and an Eve, so the story continues,” one protester said.

The protester said that sex education is part of the new world order to reduce the population.

He added that the government should put the “unethical” sexual education to referendum.

Speaking to the Cyprus Mail, another protester, Stelios Zysimos, said that the group also has politicians supporting their cause.

Asked why no MPs had come out to protest with them, he said that despite speaking with MPs, who had previously opposed the sex education bill, they do not want to show support for their group.

Zysimos also added that the group has over 35,000 members on social media.

“We are here for our children, for your children,” he said.

He added that the rainbow has been destroyed for children by the pride flag, which is “unacceptable” to be flying anywhere.

Zysimos went on saying that he hears complaints everyday from relatives, friends, and colleagues about the sex education issue, “but they don’t get off their couches because they are too lazy or ashamed.”

“When they see their child abused some day in the future, we want to know how they will feel,” he said.

“I am ashamed for all those that didn’t come.”

Another mother at the protest with her child said: “I want my children to remain pure.”

She added that she doesn’t want her daughter to learn about sexual acts, like oral sex, as it is a very personal matter.

Independent and controversial MP Andreas Themistocleous, who is one of the strong proponents for barring sex education, has previously expressed his opposition to introducing it in schools, saying this would teach children that “it’s ok for two women or two men to kiss each other.”

Themistocleous described the law as “nothing but an abomination.”

“It is disgusting, deplorable and sad. We will teach them that two women or two men can have a child.

“You can’t just grab a child and teach them whatever you want. They’ll teach kids that there are 64 genders, about gender fluidity. So that Kostakis was born a boy and then became Mariyoulla.”