In 2022, the total government budget allocation for research and development (R&D) across the EU stood at €117 billion, marking a 5.4 per cent increase compared to 2021 (€111bn) and a 49.2 per cent increase compared with 2012 (€79 bn), according to data published by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU.

In Cyprus, €115 million from the budget was allocated to R&D in 2022, having increased compared to 2021 (€111m), and increased significantly compared to 2012 (€70m).

In 2022, government budget allocations for R&D at the EU level stood at €262.7 per person, a 47.2 per cent increase compared with 2012 (€178.5 per person).

In Cyprus, budget allocations for R&D in 2022 stood at €127.4 per person, an increase compared to 2012 (€81per person).

The highest allocations were recorded in Luxembourg (€661.6 per person), followed at a distance by Denmark (€529.1) and Germany (€517.6).

EU countries with the lowest R&D budget allocations per person were Romania (€17.6), Bulgaria (€27.3) and Latvia (€49.6).

Between 2012 and 2022, all EU governments increased their budget allocations for R&D in terms of the amount per person.

The largest percentage increases were recorded in Latvia (+208 per cent from €16.1 per person in 2012 to €49.6 in 2022) and Greece (+129 per cent from €66 to €151.2).

Sweden registered the lowest percentage increase in this reference period (+4 per cent from €377.7 to €391.6).