Forty eight ‘positive searches’ of the Schengen Information System (SIS) database were conducted in its first week of access to the system, the justice ministry said on Friday.

Cyprus was granted access to the system on July 25, and since then has been able to make 48 positive searches into cases mainly involving vulnerable children, but also cases involving people wanted to appear before judicial authorities and people who may be involved in terrorism.

According to figures collected by Cyprus’ Supplementary information requested at national entries (Sirene) office, 507 messages have been received and handled by the office, while 83 messages have been sent for cases involving both positive searches and national alerts.

Cypriot access to the SIS means that the country’s authorities are now privy to the files of 90 million people, among whom are wanted people, people who have disappeared, vulnerable people, and people against whom an extradition order has been issued.