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Tochni becoming an agrotourism hotspot


The Larnaca Tourism Development and Promotion Company (ETAP) on Monday said the efforts to revitalise the village of Tochni are paying off, as more tourists every year are visiting the place.

One of Cyprus’ oldest settlements, with a history possibly spanning over twenty centuries, Tochni has recently seen a series of projects aimed at enhancing its infrastructures and enriching the tourist experience, according to ETAP.

“The village’s churches and chapels are perfect example of preserved cultural heritage, showcasing a wealth of valuable archaeological, artistic, and religious artifacts.”

Notably, many of the artifacts are attributed to Loukas Tochnitis, a 17th century esteemed iconographer.

Tochni also features the ruins of a Latin church in the centre of the village, overlooking the Orthodox church of Ayioi Constantinos and Eleni. The current church has been reconstructed on the site of the original, over a bridge, said to have been founded by Ayia Eleni on return from the Holy Land having brought with her a piece of the Cross.

ETAP further revealed the completion of a virtual tour of the village museum as part of the Larnaca Virtual Museums project (accessible at

In addition, Tochni boasts a 2.8 km nature trail, while serving as a distinguished agrotourism destination for visitors. Presently, there are 11 licensed agrotourism accommodations with a capacity of 132 beds, and at least ten more lodging spaces available. The majority of properties use ‘Tochni Stone’ which is quarried nearby.

Finally, ETAP revealed that the “Kamara” riverbed enhancement project, with a budget of €2.5 million, is nearing completion.

The project features the conversion of the riverbed into a space featuring an amphitheatre, extensive pedestrian pathways, green areas, and over 1500 trees and plants.


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