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Europe introduces its first spot Bitcoin ETF; Litecoin remains bullish and this promising Crypto scales new heights with over $2m raised!


InQubeta (QUBE) has emerged as one of the best altcoins to buy as its presale raises over $2.2 million during its early stages. The event is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the cryptocurrency space as prices tank across the board. InQubeta now serves as a rallying point for investors to earn back some of what they’ve lost. 

Litecoin prices enjoyed substantial price growth in 2023 before prices came crashing down hard back to where they started the year. Litecoin remains one of the top crypto coins for micropayments with low fees and fast transaction speeds. 

Meanwhile, Europe launched its first spot Bitcoin ETF in Holland on Aug. 15, as London-based Jacobi FT introduces its Wilshere Bitcoin ETF. Its assigned ticker is BCOIN. 

Analysts dub InQubeta (QUBE) the top crypto to invest in 

The InQubeta presale has defied bearish markets and crashes as it continues to generate tremendous interest from mainstream and cryptocurrency investors. The QUBE project aims to open up investment opportunities in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, by providing an alternative to traditional investing channels and their elitist barriers. 

InQubeta’s success isn’t a huge surprise to those who have monitored the growth of the AI industry in the last decade as the technology’s viability has increased significantly. Investments in AI have risen from $12 billion to $120 billion from 2015 to 2022 as AI-powered offerings like vehicles with self-driving capabilities and facial recognition tools become common. 

The InQubeta project is ideally placed to help funnel the approximately 1.5 trillion dollars projected to be directed to the AI industry in the next several years by opening up investments to anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet and directing more capital to AI startups who need cash to advance their projects. 

The InQubeta approach to AI investments

Startups on the InQubeta network can raise money by selling equity-based non-fungible tokens once they have passed an evaluation done by the operations team. These tokens are the blockchain equivalent of stocks and perform similar functions. Some of these ERC20 coins come with other rewards like a share of profits or early access to items developed. 

InQubeta investors don’t have to buy equity in AI startups to earn profits in the ecosystem. A small 1.5 billion $QUBE cap and burn taxes virtually guarantee the long-term price growth of tokens. Investors can stake their $QUBE holdings to earn more periodically as rewards.qube2

Litecoin (LTC) prices crash after substantial 2023 growth

Litecoin was a good crypto to buy in early 2023 as prices rose by over 80% before recently crashing with the market. Prices are now where they were at the start of the year, but it has the growth potential to reclaim all of its recent losses before the year is over. However, that’s nothing compared to the 3x growth those who buy $QUBE now stand to earn. 

Litecoin started as a Bitcoin fork that was intended to address concerns about the network being too centralized. 

Jacobi Asset Management launches Europe’s first Bitcoin ETF

Jacobi Asset Management finally launched its Bitcoin ETF on an Amsterdam exchange two years after getting approval. Crypto analysts are expecting the development to help resuscitate Bitcoin prices which recently crashed after failing to hold above the $30k price level. 

Investors might start gravitating toward Bitcoin ETFs as a way to protect themselves against some of the uncertainties in the global market as inflation and the advent of new technologies like AI reshape the world. 


InQubeta’s presale continues to generate heat as its presale raises over $2.2 million while cryptocurrency markets crash. Its link to AI by helping to advance the technology and opening up investment opportunities set it up to enjoy substantial growth in 2023 and later. 

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