All things plants-based and wellness will be celebrated this weekend as the latest edition of Vegan Fam Fest takes place. Held on Saturday and Sunday at the Ancient Olive Trees Park in Psematismenos, the festival will include tasty food, music, workshops and talks. Welcoming more than just vegans, the festival’s events will touch on the environment, health and wellbeing, recipes and of course, plant-based living. A live music programme will entertain old and young while food trucks serve sizzling burgers, falafels, pizzas and wraps.

Across the two days, a handful of talks will take place on a variety of topics. On Saturday, the first talk will start at 2.30pm (in English) and will address Veganism: A Journey of Change and Compassion. Then Edmond Hawila will talk about The Problem with Veganism while the next talk will touch on diseases. The final talk on day 1 will focus on vegan food and provide ideas for a rich diet.

Sunday’s talks will begin at 2pm with a speech on climate change. At 3pm Petros Hariklis will talk about food choices and which diets are best for humans while at 4pm a vegan food workshop will take place. At 5pm, Farah Shammas with lead a talk in English titled Vegan Made Easy. While all of that is on, hungry stomachs will be served by The Mighty Kitchen, Sensifood Cooking, Quattrino, Falafel Extra, Food Sapiens and CY Sloppy Burgers.

Later on in the afternoon, the live music will begin with Chrysanthi Schiza performing first on Saturday at 6pm. Joined by guitarist Elena Erotokritou, they will perform well-known folk rock, Greek folk and entehno songs as well as some of Chrysanthi’s original music. At 7.45pm Tefkros Neocleous and Constantinos Pavlides will perform timeless as well as modern hits, from the international and Greek repertoire. The live music will continue on day two with Theofano Papachristou and Constantinos Lemesios playing soul, blues and rock music and Bloom Φields playing American Progressive Folk, funk and psychedelia.


Vegan Fam Fest

Two-day vegan festival. September 9-10. Ancient Olive Trees Park, Psematismenos. Free entrance