I have just read through this pile of ignorant over-simplification (Former British foreign secretary calls for two-state solution to Cyprus problem, Cyprus Mail, September 7) written by a man who is ignorant of History who is trying so very hard to be a neo liberal version of Henry Kissinger without the insightfulness and only the cold blooded murderous cynicism of the man he aspires to be that has caused Britain and its delusions of rapidly crumbling empire to be the cause of so much war, death, famine, strife, mayhem, murder and turmoil in the Indian subcontinent, Ireland, Palestine-Israel, the Middle East and of course Cyprus. By the way, none of these parts of the world are mentioned as examples of how Britain dividing a country has emphatically not worked.

The gall of a one-time minister of state of a country who says “should have would have” about the accession of Cyprus to the EU when his country is no longer a member is very impressive. The cheek and audacity of talking about Russians in Cyprus and what they may have done to it. One wonders is he no longer capable of informing himself how much money from Russians has been passed through London, how many of them acquired British passports and residences because of that, how much money is the British government now trying to cease via sanctions?

What did Britain do to stop the Turkish invasion of Cyprus as it was obliged to do under the Cypriot Treaty of Establishment?

What part of invasion and illegal occupation since 1974 is disputable?

What part of Cyprus’ accession process was duplicitous and where was this shown?

What part of us paying off all the debt in addition to the bail-in did Britain or any EU country pay?

If splitting a country in two is the best solution to fix all ailments why is not Scotland allowed to go off on its own?

There is nothing any Cypriot who loves his country desires more than peace and a peaceful coexistence IN THE SAME COUNTRY for all of us. Provocateurs and extremists on the Greek and Turkish Cypriot sides are only fuelled by ill-informed, ill-researched opinions such as that expressed by Jack Straw and I truly wished no media of repute should give these types of positions any platform unless they truly know what they are talking about.


Constantinos Messios, Nicosia