BMW and MINI were sponsors of the recent Techisland Awards, a celebration of technology recognising contributors to the sector’s development, for the benefit of all economic sectors and Cyprus in general.

The marques’ sponsorship came courtesy of automotive industry leader Pilakoutas Group, which welcomed the inaugural Awards, demonstrating the growth potential of Cyprus to become a technology hub.

As part of the evening, BMW also presented the honorary Role Model award to TheSoul Publishing, recognising the company’s efforts to promote Cyprus economic growth, while positioning the island as an investment- and business-development destination.

BMW presents the honorary Role Model distinction to TheSoul Publishing at September 2023 Techisland Awards

Regarding the rationale behind the award, Pilakoutas Group CEO and Chairman Kodros Pilakoutas noted that “a developed ecosystem requires role models: companies that inspire, serve as case studies and have a clear economic impact – whether by continuously increasing the number of employees or by establishing their headquarters on the island”.

“In Cyprus,” he continued, “we are fortunate to have exemplary role models like the nominees in the Role Model category.”

BMW and MINI were sponsors of the recent Techisland Awards

The Pilakoutas Group offered one winner the opportunity to spend a weekend in the all-electric BMW iX, the pioneer of a new era, incorporating BMW’s cutting-edge technologies in electrification and connectivity, with generously-proportioned interiors, ultra-modern surroundings, and exciting dynamic drive.

The Group’s perspective on tech innovation was also expressed by the presence of the exciting BMW i7, iX, M2, M4 convertible and MINI Electric models, which were showcased at the event.

The BMW i7, the all-electric luxury sedan, proves that a unique driving experience and the ultimate sense of well-being can be combined, along with an unquestionable commitment to sustainability. The BMW iX stands out for its pioneering style and emphasis on luxury and comfort, driven always by sustainability, while the BMW M2, as a top athlete, offers an authentic driving pleasure. The BMW M4 convertible, flawlessly combines sporting character and efficiency in everyday driving. Meanwhile, the MINI Electric, the first electric model in the brand’s 60-year history, offers a genuine MINI feel with zero-emission driving.