The police and the fire brigade signed a memorandum of cooperation on Thursday regarding training of new recruits.

The signing of the memorandum took place at a ceremony attended by police chief Stelios Papatheodorou, fire service chief Nikos Logginos, and justice minister Anna Procopiou.

Procopiou said “people’s safety is an all-inclusive concept and is based on the synergy of the security forces”, and expressed her satisfaction that the police and the fire brigade are willing to cooperate to this end.

She said the inclusion of education into the fields in which the police and the fire brigade cooperate is “an important factor in the prevention and suppression of crime, but also regarding fires.”

Papatheodorou said the memorandum is “necessary for the training of new recruits to proceed smoothly”.

He added that “the fire service is committed to offering training to new police recruits, as well as offering its facilities or especially configurated training areas, so they can be used by the police when a similar need arises.”

He added his certainty that the cooperation between the police and the fire brigade will be extended “to other areas of common interest, since both organisations have as a mutual priority the saving of lives and property of our fellow human beings.”

Logginos said training “is the basis from which every new firefighter and police officer starts” and stressed its importance.

He added that “the fire service has been autonomous since October 16, 2021, but excellent cooperation [with the police] has not stopped in all areas where both the fire brigade and the police are involved.”

Agreeing with Papatheodorou, he also confirmed their mutual intention to expand the cooperation between the two sides, saying he is “certain it will have excellent results.”