A 58-year-old Paphos man was sentenced to ten months in prison after being found guilty of shooting his neighbour’s dog with a hunting gun.

The man was previously found guilty of having the gun illegally, illegal possession and transport of explosive materials, firing a gun in a residential area, and harming an animal.

Paphos district court concluded the case on Friday by imposing a ten-month prison sentence, according to CyBC.

Paphos police chief Michalis Nikolaou explained that the incident occurred on June 19 and was reported by the dog’s owner, a 40-year-old Tremithousa resident.

The 40-year-old reported hearing a gunshot while at home and the dog crying out soon after.

He further stated that the dog was in his garden and had sustained injuries to its front right leg. The complainant then spotted the 58-year-old driving off, holding a hunting gun.

The 40-year-old then rushed his dog to a veterinary clinic where it was confirmed that the pet had sustained injuries from a hunting gun.