The prison staff wing of trade union Pasydy on Friday strongly condemned the injury of three wardens at the Nicosia prison when breaking up a clash amongst inmates.

It emphasised that the incident spilled over into the office of the prison guards, with local media reporting that an inmate rushed to their desk to seek help during the brawl.

The trade union said the justice ministry and prisons department must urgently move to address chronic complaints of understaffing and of overpopulation at the prisons.

It concluded that an urgent meeting will be held amongst its members on Tuesday to discuss how to proceed with the matter.

Reports emerged on Thursday of a “vicious” fight at the prisons which resulted in the injury of three prison guards.

But an announcement later in the day from the prisons department stated that no one was injured and guards swiftly restored order.

The incident, according to the department’s announcement, took place at about 3pm with the guards immediately rushing to the scene.

It added that none of the inmates were injured but three underwent immediate disciplinary action and have been isolated.

The statement concluded, without providing further details, that three prison guards underwent precautionary evaluation from their GPs – with one on medical leave for a muscle issue.