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Base network records 2M transactions in a day, InQubeta (QUBE) presale surpasses a major milestone


In the ever-competitive and rapidly evolving crypto world, milestones serve as significant markers of growth and potential. As the Coinbase layer-2 network, Base, reaches an impressive 2M transactions in a single day, a parallel success story unfolds with InQubeta presale – a top ICO this year. Both events underline the relentless pursuit of innovation and growth in the crypto realm.

Is InQubeta the best ICO of 2023?

While Base Network celebrates its transaction milestone, the limelight also shines brightly on the InQubeta platform. Bridging the gap between traditional Silicon Valley investors and the budding AI start-up world, InQubeta stands tall with its unique approach.

The platform, which uses QUBE tokens to offer fractional investments in AI start-ups, has gained massive traction. This was best evidenced when the QUBE presale surpassed significant expectations, demonstrating robust investor interest. The $3.1 million already accumulated in its ongoing presale signifies not just investor trust but also the belief in the underlying vision of democratizing AI start-up investments.

QUBE, with its deflationary nature, isn’t just another good crypto to buy. It symbolizes the future of AI investments, with its rewards for staking and potential for price appreciation. Furthermore, it doesn’t just empower investors with potential gains but also endows them with a voice in the platform’s governance.

While the crypto space is replete with numerous top altcoins, QUBE’s unique proposition of linking AI start-ups with investors using crypto, its strategic roadmap, and its community-driven approach, sets it apart. As InQubeta gears up for future advancements, including the NFT marketplace and a multi-chain approach by 2024, the trajectory appears promising, and the milestones achieved so far might just be the tip of the iceberg.

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Base network surpassing expectations

Shifting the focus to the Base Network, the Coinbase layer-2 blockchain’s recent milestone is noteworthy. Clocking 1.88 million transactions, the network outdid its previous record, setting a new benchmark in its operational history since its inception in August. Notably, these numbers aren’t just a reflection of Base’s growing appeal, but they also demonstrate its edge over competitors. Rival chains like Optimism and Arbitrum lagged behind with a combined total of 878,000 transactions, underscoring the supremacy of Base in the layer-2 arena.

Unfurling the growth narratives

Both the InQubeta presale and Base Network’s transaction record narrate tales of ambition, scalability, and innovation. While on one hand, InQubeta is poised to redefine AI tech investments, Base Network is all set to enhance the blockchain experience by alleviating congestion and elevating transaction speeds.

It’s essential to recognize the broader themes underpinning these milestones: the unyielding pursuit of blockchain and crypto innovation and the drive to deliver enhanced user experiences. As the industry matures, milestones like these will serve as yardsticks, signaling progress and the inevitable shifts in the crypto landscape.


Milestones in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domains are more than mere numbers. They are emblematic of growth, potential, and the relentless spirit of innovation. As Base Network cements its place in the layer-2 space, QUBE will be an altcoin to watch out for in the AI start-up investment arena. For observers and investors alike, these developments offer intriguing prospects, hinting at a future filled with promise and unparalleled growth.

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