Migration, housing and traffic are the issues on which he is focused on President Nikos Christodoulides told the Employers and Industrialists Federation (Oev) in Limassol on Wednesday afternoon.

Referring to the Park & Ride bus programme in Nicosia, Christodoulides said an ambitious effort had been started by the minister of transport, with results evident from the first two weeks. He noted that the effort will continue with school buses and also in Limassol.

Regarding housing, the president noted that in the first week of October the minister of interior will proceed with the announcement of specific programs with a four-year plan.

As for migration, Christodoulides said that it is important that for the first time more people are leaving Cyprus than arriving. “We have sped up the process, we have more people reviewing the applications, the [thrust] of our efforts is to stop our country being seen as an attractive destination.”

He noted that measures are being taken to forestall a new migration route from Lebanon, while he said that in order for Cyprus to stop being an attractive destination we must “change incentives” used by traffickers.

The president additionally presented his priorities for a strong and resilient economy. He noted the need for tax and pensions system reform and the importance of an effective rule of law.

Regarding the green transition, the president underlined the importance for households and businesses to have access to clean low-cost energy and mentioned the new solar-panel funding scheme “Photovoltaics for all” being finalised.

Finally, Christodoulides said that rebranding Cyprus’ name internationally was also a priority.