Lakatamia should be consulted before a potential decision is made by the government to house migrants at a former school within its municipal boundaries, its mayor said on Tuesday.

Fotoula Hadjipapa told the Cyprus Mail she has sought official comments on the matter – concerning the former site of Highgate school – which has been discussed within the community for almost a month, after commentary emerged on social media.

“There should be public consultation and discussion on the matter, some residents have already expressed their concerns and we simply want to make sure that we’re consulted before any decision has been made,” she told us.

Indeed, Hadjipapa issued an announcement that as soon as she was made aware of the discussion – that unaccompanied minors may be housed there – she reached out for official comment.

That, she explained, included communication with the deputy social welfare minister, the general director of the deputy ministry, and with the general director of the interior ministry.

“I indicated that there must be a public consultation and opinions should be submitted to the municipality and relevant organisations,” she added.

The mayor further stated that a thorough investigation must be conducted to confirm whether the building is suitable for such use.

Hadjipapa said she was informed that so far nothing has been decided.