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Inspirations on the best men’s haircuts


Finding a flattering, stylish men’s haircuts can be tricky with many options. There are so many cool and popular men’s cuts to try. Browsing men’s haircuts helps one understand face shapes, hair types, and styling abilities. 

You should consult an expert for the most suitable styles if you need help. The best cuts complement your features, work with your hair texture, and align with your daily grooming habits. Read on to explore different mens haircuts to discover your fresh style.

  • Undercut 

The undercut features short-trimmed sides and back paired with longer hair on top styled up and out. This disconnect style creates dramatic contrast for an edgy look. When styled correctly, undercuts work well for straight, thick, or curly hair types. 

Pomades, waxes, or gels add texture, flow, and height to the longer top. Go for a sleek, smoothed-back professional finish or messy textured bedhead style. An undercut allows versatility from polished to punk.

  • Fade

Fades taper hair smoothly from longer lengths on top down to closely cropped sides and back. This ultra-short blended finish provides a clean, sharp shape. Try a high, mid, low, or taper fade, depending on your style and face shape. 

Pair fades with short to medium-length hair up top for a modern look. Fades work equally well with straight, curly, or wavy hair textures. This cut offers versatility while keeping styling simple and maintenance easy.

  • Pompadour

Pompadours mens haircuts style longer hair swept up and backward away from the face in a retro wave. This vintage-inspired cut has a classy, refined vibe, perfect for professionals or formal occasions. 

Pompadours tend to suit men with thicker, wavy hair best to hold the height and shape. Use pomade, wax, or clay for light hold, shine, and definition. Keep the sides short and neatly trimmed to balance out the added volume and flow on top. combover 

  • Comb Over 

The comb over parts of hair cleanly to one side for a timeless, polished finish. This versatile look works best for men with straight, finer-textured hair. Use a blow dryer and round brush to add volume and a smooth flow to the front. 

For a modern edge, shave a sharp side part. The comb-over balances professional sophistication with casual flexibility.

  • Quiff

The quiff styles hair into a short mohawk-like vertical crest above the forehead. This rebellious dramatic cut combines hard and soft textures for added allure. Style with pomade, wax, or gel for glossy height and definition. 

Pair with closely tapered or faded sides to emphasize the spiked top. Quiffs complement thick, straight hair that can hold the height.

  • Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts trim hair to a super short, uniform length using clippers. This fuss-free men’s style works for all hair types, from thin to thick and straight to curly. 

Buzz cuts are ultra-low maintenance and inherently masculine. Consider a lineup or design cut into the shorter sides for added edge. Leave just enough length to avoid going fully bald.

  • Crew Cut 

The crew cut taper hair closely on the sides and back with slightly more length left on top. This neat, short style has a clean, orderly vintage look. Crew cuts can be styled with light gel, pomade, or simply messy and textured. The short sides suit receding hairlines. They work for men with straight or wavy hair who want an easy, no-fuss cut. crew cut

  • Crop Top

Crop tops trim hair very short on the sides and back and leave length up top for added texture and flow. Styling updos, pomps, and faux hawks add movement. Crops work with straight, thick, or curly hair wanting more volume. 

Wear crop tops naturally tousled and textured for a casual, edgy effect. Use pomades and waxes to refine the look while maintaining flow.

  • Slicked Back

Slicked-back hair is neatly brushed backward from the face for a glossy, refined appearance. This retro style works best for men with straight, fine textured hair that can achieve a smooth finish. 

Use heavy pomades and gels for maximum shine and all-day hold. Keep the sides neatly trimmed close to the head for sleekness.

  • Faux Hawk

The faux hawk employs gel or wax to style hair into a mohawk shape without entirely shaving the sides. 

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