The Larnaca municipality on Monday said it was not to blame for the unpleasant stench affecting the area.

It said the problem was caused by neighbouring municipalities and communities transporting manure and placing in neighbouring fields.

The statement clarifies that the fields where the manure is deposited lie outside the administrative boundaries of the municipality.

“Despite promises from state authorities in previous years to enhance the quality of manure produced by cattle farms and other livestock units, no effective measures have been implemented,” the statement said.

“Consequently, the disposal of liquid manure in fields continues. The stench spreads during loading, transportation, and depositing of the liquid waste into fields, thus negatively impacting the comfort and health of the city’s residents and visitors.”

The statement also added that the municipality has informed state agencies, “about the severe issue of discomfort created in the city, urging immediate action against those who fail to follow the correct manure disposal procedures”.

The municipality has also been informed that inspectors from the environmental department are conducting increased checks on agricultural plots in the broader Larnaca area to address the issue.