A 38-year-old man was handed a six-year jail sentence after being found guilty by Larnaca district court for drug trafficking.

A police statement outlining the facts of the case said that shortly before 2.30 in the afternoon on May 20, Larnaca police stopped the man for a check while he was leaving his orchard in an area in Larnaca.

During the search, officers found three plastic bags containing a total of 204 grams of cannabis, three more containing a total of 78 grams of cocaine, and the sum of €1,860 euros in his possession.

Subsequently a warrant search was conducted in the orchard, which turned up a buried plastic barrel containing 594 grams of cannabis, 50 grams of cocaine, and a scale with traces of cannabis, all of which were seized.

A cannabis plant, approximately 90cm tall, was then found planted near the orchard fence, while 17 firecrackers and 25 fireworks were found and seized, the report said.

The 38-year-old was arrested and was taken into custody to facilitate investigations, while the case was registered for immediate trial before the Larnaca criminal court.

The case was investigated by the Larnaca branch of drug squad Ykan.