President Nikos Christodoulides on Sunday said that the appointment of the envoy of the UN Secretary General for the Cyprus problem is still ongoing.

Christodoulides was commenting on the issue in Korakou, Nicosia and he said that the issue of appointing a specific personality was not over, despite the Turkish rejection of former Australian foreign minister Julia Bishop.

Also commenting on the issue, Defence Minister Michalis Giorgallas said: “The appointment of an envoy on the part of the UN Secretary-general will restore hope to our people for a solution to the Cyprus problem.”

Speaking during a memorial service, in Nicosia, held for members of the Trachoni community who fell during 1963-64 and during the 1974 Turkish invasion, as well as a religious service for missing persons, the minister said that despite any obstacles and difficulties, despite Turkey’s negative attitude, with the same zeal and determination the government must continue to defend the rights of Cyprus and the Cypriots.

He said: “We are working tirelessly and seeking the resumption of talks. In this context, it is our firm belief that the appointment of an envoy on the part of the UN Secretary-General will restore hope to our people and facilitate efforts to resume the talks.”