Sixteen third-country nationals residing illegally in Cyprus were located and apprehended during the weekend in coordinated police operations. Simultaneously, efforts to repatriate third-country nationals to their countries of origin saw another 20 individuals departing last Friday.

Since the beginning of the year, the Asylum Service has facilitated the departure of 7,933 individuals who had been residing illegally in Cyprus.

A police statement said that the operations spanned across all regions of Cyprus.

“The main objectives were to identify and apprehend individuals residing illegally within the Republic, as well as to conduct inspections aimed at combating illegal and undeclared employment,” the statement said.

During checks in the Famagusta district two individuals aged 28 and 23 were found working illegally at a restaurant and a nightclub, respectively. They were also discovered to be residing illegally in Cyprus and were subsequently arrested by members of the Asylum Service.

In Limassol, a coordinated operation led to arrest of three illegal third-country nationals, whereas in Larnaca, members of the Asylum Service located and arrested six individuals.

Additionally, five other illegal residents were identified and apprehended in Nicosia. Two of them were located during traffic checks by the Nicosia traffic police unit, while the remaining three were found during inspections by the Asylum Service.

Along with the operations to locate and detain individuals residing illegally in Cyprus, voluntary and forced return procedures for such individuals continue.

As part of these efforts, police in Paphos conducted a new repatriation operation on November 3, resulting in a total of 20 individuals returning to their countries of origin.

A total of 7,933 individuals who were residing illegally in Cyprus have departed since the beginning of the year.