While Gala Games (GALA) and EOS (EOS) have made significant imprints with their gaming and scalable blockchain solutions, Everlodge (ELDG) is carving its niche in the luxurious world of real estate. Notably, Everlodge is in the presale phase, but what is causing a stir among these specific communities? Let’s find out.

Everlodge (ELDG): NFT technology meets tangible assets

The first layer of its appeal is the democratization of luxury real estate ownership. For many, possessing a segment of an opulent $9 million property seemed like a daydream. Everlodge is reshaping this narrative, allowing fractional property ownership through as little as $100 investments.

Secondly, the fusion of NFT technology with tangible assets is a game-changer. By translating property details into NFTs, Everlodge ensures that each investor can easily trade and verify their assets with the assurance of blockchain security.

Gala Games supporters, familiar with the NFT space, instantly recognize the groundbreaking potential here. The combination of tangible real estate with the digital space provides a tangible value proposition reminiscent of how Gala Games has revolutionized gaming assets.

Everlodge’s Launchpad adds another layer to its allure. It’s not just about buying property fractions; it’s also about giving life to avant-garde real estate projects. Property developers seeking funds and investors looking for early-stage opportunities can seamlessly connect, fostering a symbiotic ecosystem reminiscent of Eos’ focus on community-driven decentralization.

The ELDG token is at the heart of an evolving ecosystem that harmoniously merges luxury, blockchain, and community-driven investments. Simply holding ELDG comes with staking rewards, fee discounts, prize giveaways, and more.

The current offering price of $0.025 per token during the third phase of its presale signifies a time-sensitive opportunity for potential investors, with prices expected to escalate in subsequent stages, reflecting the mounting enthusiasm surrounding this pioneering initiative. Expert analysts project a 30-fold gain after launching the ELDG token on prominent trading platforms.

This is why Everlodge has been turning heads among Gala Games and Eos enthusiasts. The fusion of traditional real estate with NFT technology and the potential for significant returns on investment makes it a highly attractive and unique opportunity in the cryptocurrency market.

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Gala Games (GALA) enthusiasts and their shifting preferences towards Everlodge (ELDG)

Gala Games, a leader in the blockchain gaming industry, exemplifies the rapidly growing play-to-earn trend. In 2021 alone, it has witnessed an extraordinary 500x growth, resulting in its token reaching an unprecedented value of $0.83.

The situation has changed quickly for Gala Games. Over the last two months, the value of the Gala Games token has dropped by 50% to just $0.01335, with a significant decrease of 98% from its highest point. It has also seen a 36% decline from its initial listing price on Binance in late 2021.

After analyzing the technical metrics, it is evident that the price of Gala Games needs to surpass the resistance range of $0.016 to $0.020 to stop the current downtrend. However, overcoming the critical resistance level of $0.030 is crucial to initiate a bullish turnaround.

The Gala Games collective strives to reignite interest by introducing NFT mystery boxes, highlighting the ongoing demand for its decentralized gaming ecosystem. Nevertheless, some in the Gala Games community are strategically shifting towards Everlodge to take advantage of asset-backed NFTs rather than their traditional gaming platform.

Eos (EOS)’s Standing in Asian markets and potential revival

Once regarded as a potential “Ethereum Killer” due to its scalable infrastructure and rapid transaction processing capabilities, EOS has faced a significant reality check. From its peak at $22.89 in 2018, the value of EOS has experienced a steep decline, plummeting by 97% to its current value of $0.567.

There are several reasons behind the decline of EOS. One of the main factors is the criticism it has received from supporters of decentralization due to its centralized governance and consensus mechanisms. Additionally, EOS’s anticipated widespread adoption and transformative developments have yet to materialize as expected.

The recent breach of the crucial $0.80 support level, which had held strong for over a year, serves as a warning signal for EOS. This indicates a prevailing bearish sentiment and presents significant challenges for the cryptocurrency in regaining its former vibrancy and market position.

However, including EOS on Japanese exchanges has instilled some confidence within the Asian markets, although a tangible market response is still pending. The existing price of EOS, hovering at $0.58, marks its lowest point in more than five years.

Eos holders, especially in the Western markets, are moving to Everlodge to capitalize on the current presale benefits before they leave. Finally, these Eos may be able to turn their fortunes around as they find a new home at Everlodge.

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