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Capriole fund founder predicts Bitcoin next target $41,000, Ether’s possible 1400% increase, and Meme Moguls potential to sell high


Despite the recent halving, Bitcoin’s price doesn’t seem to have a bad prediction. Ethereum, on the other hand, is steadily going up and is projected to rise by over 1,000% before the end of the decade. Let’s explore these scenarios and also establish Meme Mogul’s potential to sell high.

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Bitcoin could stay well over $41K in a month

According to the founder of Capriole Fund and crypto analyst Charles Edwards, the next bitcoin halving should occur somewhere around April 2024, along with the potential to raise its floor price to over $41,000. Whether Edwards is spot on or not, the fact remains that bitcoin’s price might be highly volatile but will maintain a relative increase as every year passes by.

Coinciding with Edward’s prediction, Changelly predicts a minimum price of $39,080, an average price of $46,359, and a maximum price of around $53, 638 for bitcoin (BTC) in the coming month. Given that these ranges are higher than the current bitcoin price, it’s safe to assume a very positive outlook for the coin.

mglsEthereum possibly rising up to 1,400% higher in 2030

Riding on the same wave, Ethereum (ETH) doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime yet, at least, not before it might reach an all-time high bullish trend in 2030. Lately, the crypto asset has been trading for well above $1,900. While it is currently maintaining a positive momentum, all indications point to a possible price surge. 

If the price of Ethereum can resist falling below the $2000 range, and move past the crucial point of $2,130, we just might keep expanding an upward trend. Ethereum price chart has been impressive so far— if the recent positive uptrend continues, crypto analysts predict a cap of 1,400% price increase (specifically, over $31,000).

Meanwhile, one significant factor that seems to be pushing Ethereum price positivity is the ongoing development in the crypto space as well as the approval of spot ETFs for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) potential high selling point

Going by Meme Moguls‘ whitepaper, there are several approaches and features sitting in wait to set the platform as an explosive marketplace to choose when it launches. It’s not so hard to see why this P2E platform as well as its native token MGLS can potentially sell higher than many coins in the market currently. Meme Moguls is the first world’s meme-based asset stock exchange. 

With exciting community engagement that involves competitive trading with fellow users and a metaverse called Mogul Land to ear from, a casino named Moguls Casino, a trading platform called Moguls Exchange Trading Platform, and Meme Moguls Fantasy Trader. The rewards include other meme-based assets and rare NFTs are just the beginning.

Users of the Meme Moguls network will be able to gain industry trends and connect with other expert traders in the Moguls community, as well as partake in staking pools for extra returns. With the meme coin market worth $17.90B with an increase of 1.81% in the last 24 hours, now is the best time to join it. The best way is by purchasing MGLS tokens for only $0.0021, but hurry as the price is expected to increase soon.

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