As December arrives, a new wave of exhibitions is added to the island’s cultural scene. Architect Kostas Neofitidis will present a new body of artistic work this winter with a new exhibition in Nicosia. The Haus of Kota gallery in the old town will host Neofitidis’ artworks under the title Vivid Dream. The exhibition will open this Saturday evening at 6.30pm and will run until mid-December, showcasing the artist’s new colourful paintings.

Following the subconscious mind, the artist turns his dreams into inspiration and through his creative process, attempts to understand them. This takes him on a charming yet mysterious journey into a parallel magical universe as he tries to unravel his vivid dreams. The process takes him to places beyond the limitations of logic, where another sense of self is revealed from where the artist creates his new work.

In this exhibition, Neofitidis presents paintings made first with ink on paper and then oil paints on canvas. This is the first time he experiments with oil paints and the finished pieces evoke dream-like associations.

Vivid Dreams

Solo painting exhibition by Kostas Neofitidis. December 2-15. Haus of Kota gallery, Nicosia. Opening night: 6.30pm. Monday-Friday: 2.30pm-5.30pm. Tel: 22-663067, 99-224667.