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Pullix (PLX) could surpass Kaspa (KAS) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) in the next bull run

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Kaspa (KAS) And Ethereum Classic (ETC) are two alt-L1s vying to become the number one smart contract platform. However, could Pullix (PLX) outperform both in terms of gains during the next bull run? Let’s compare these three popular cryptocurrencies and find out.

Pullix (PLX): A potential market leader in Crypto trading

Pullix is building a state-of-the-art trading platform that ensures security, speed, and efficient execution of trades. The team aims to rival the market’s largest and most established exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase.

The two exchanges mentioned above have recently experienced regulatory issues. For example, Binance has just settled one of the largest fines ever issued by US regulators, while Coinbase is under investigation by the SEC for operating unlawfully.

Pullix tackles these regulatory issues head-on by adhering to strict regulatory compliance and implementing advanced security measures. The exchange aims to be compliant in every jurisdiction in which it operates.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Pulix is the PLX token, which acts as a medium of exchange on the platform and offers various benefits to its holders. For instance, those who stake PLX receive regular passive income, access to exclusive platform features, and promotional offers.

While the Pullix exchange is yet to launch, the PLX can be bought for just $0.04 in the early presale stages. This is a time-limited chance to acquire a utility token that will likely significantly appreciate value once the platform goes live.

Analysts believe Pullix’s commitment to overcoming traditional trading challenges sets it apart from other cryptocurrency exchanges. With solid fundamentals and a unique token model, Pullix could surpass Kaspa and Ethereum Classic in the next bull run, with gains of 100x or more possible.pullix

Kaspa (KAS): Assessing future market potential

Kaspa has rewarded early backers with huge financial gains in the last few years. Trading at just $0.0047 in January 2023, Kaspa has risen 33x to a November peak of $0.16. This makes Kaspa one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies in recent times.

However, there are concerns that Kaspa has run its race and may not have much room for growth in the next bull run. Kaspa’s growth run was due to it being underpriced compared to its potential as an Ethereum competitor. With a current market cap of $2.8 billion, it’s time for Kaspa to show real-time adoption and use cases to support its valuation.

When the full bull market returns, liquidity could flow away from Kaspa as holders chase gains from the newer projects. Pullix is already emerging as a viable option due to its discounted presale price and potential to disrupt a billion-dollar market.

The Kaspa chart shows a 45% drop in the last week from $0.16 to the current price of $0.1290. Some Kaspa holders seem to be taking profits before a larger market correction. The $0.10 area should act as strong support, but this area must hold if the price moves higher in the following months.pullix

Ethereum Classic (ETC): A legacy coin battling modern market trends

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the original version of Ethereum, rather than the hard fork Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum Classic still holds onto a loyal following of backers who believe in the original concept of a decentralized, censorship-resistant platform.

However, projects prefer to launch on the Ethereum fork due to its larger user base and developer community. Ethereum Classic is now more like a digital gold investment with little room for innovation or growth.

Ethereum Classic is now trading at $19 after starting 2023 at just $15. While this is an impressive 26% increase, it pales in comparison to the exponential growth of other cryptocurrencies. This indicates that interest in Ethereum Classic is waning, and it may struggle to keep up with newer projects like Pullix that offer more advanced features and technology.



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