Cyprus’ dynamic research and innovation scene had a strong showing at this year’s SLUSH 2023, an innovation-driven startup event held in the heart of Helsinki every year.

The event attracted a global audience of over 8,000 entrepreneurs and investors from November 30 to December 1.

Cyprus’ participation in the event was spearheaded by the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF).

Headlining the Cyprus delegation were seven local startups – ecorbio, Codewheel, Efevre Tech Ltd, Periopsis, Moving Doors, Vevivo, and DCentric Health – who presented their products and services to potential investors.

Thousands of SLUSH attendees visited the Cypriot pavilion, engaging with RIF representatives to learn about Cyprus’ innovation and technology prospects.

Dimitris Skourides, RIF's Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation, and Technology  (SLUSH) (RIF)

Dimitris Skourides, RIF’s Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation, and Technology

Discussions also focused on the incentives and tools making the island an appealing destination for innovative enterprises and foreign investors.

On the conference’s second day, the foundation organised an event titled Breaking Grounds at Slush: The Tech Gala of Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary & Poland, in collaboration with similar organisations from Poland, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

Dimitris Skourides, RIF’s Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation, and Technology and President of the foundation, highlighted Cyprus’ burgeoning research and innovation ecosystem to an international audience of entrepreneurs and investors.

Meanwhile, Cypriot startups participating in the mission showcased their activities in separate presentations.

During their visit to Finland, the Chief Scientist, along with RIF’s Director General, Theodoros Loukaidis, and Board Member Spyros Christofides, held meetings with high-profile tech industry executives.

They positioned Cyprus as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship while exploring prospects for international collaborations. Additionally, they met with Cyprus’ Ambassador to Finland, Dimitris Samouil.

In a statement recapping the entire endeavour, the foundation explained that supporting Cypriot business participation at the SLUSH entrepreneurship and innovation festival falls within the activities of the Cypriot Enterprise Europe Network, in which the RIF participates as a partner.

A Cypriot delegation was also invited to the prestigious event by the organisers, and their attendance fully sponsored by the Finnish government.

These Cyprus start-up companies, which included Freyia Labs, Swapp, MammoCheck, Dentmetria, and CIPE Institute, were invited to SLUSH to showcase the success of their ventures.

“The entire event was superbly organised, and an exceedingly valuable experience for new start-ups,” says Vas Joseph, a member of the Cypriot delegation.

“Over the two days, we engaged in networking sessions, participated in insightful workshops, and learned valuable strategies for scaling our businesses.

“Helsinki is the ideal place for an event such as SLUSH because it’s a well-known hub of innovation, and the country itself is very future-orientated.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with international investors and collaborators. The exposure gained at SLUSH will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and global recognition of our Cypriot start-ups. A special thanks to the Finnish government for their generous support in making this experience possible.”