Twelve out of 13 suspects implicated in Limassol’s racist riots pleaded not guilty on Thursday at the city’s criminal court.

Activists turned up outside, holding placards that read ‘no more fascist pogroms’ and ‘they are not innocent, fascists in prison’.

Out of the 13 suspects, one of them, a minor, admitted to the charge of participating in a riot. He was acquitted of the other four charges he faced.

He will be sentenced on February 28 next year, when the court will convene to also continue the trial for the remaining suspects.

The lawyer for the minor urged court to try finish proceedings as soon as possible, as he is set to travel to Greece over the summer for studies.

All suspects remain free on bail.

The riots took place in September when Middle Eastern nationals were targeted during a violent attack in Limassol against migrants while police stood by and did nothing.