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Why is Terra Classic (LUNC) pumping? This new Altcoin holds better growth prospects


In the world of cryptocurrencies, Everlodge shines bright as an exciting option for people looking to invest. As the overall market sentiment is improving, investors are looking to make the most out of it by joining the presale of this new project.

Although other cryptocurrencies like Terra Classic (LUNC) have shown improvement, they are yet to catch the rise of ELDG. So, if you’re looking for an interesting investment opportunity, and want to be part of something different, Everlodge might be worth checking out.

Terra Classic (LUNC) jumps on the back of rising sentiments

Terra Classic (LUNC) has seen a sudden increase in its value lately. In the past seven days, Terra Classic (LUNC) has surged by more than 89%. Subsequently, Terra Classic (LUNC) has risen by 243% on the monthly price chart. Currently, Terra Classic (LUNC) trades at $0.0002248. The latest reason behind Terra Classic’s (LUNC) staggering rise is a new listing by Binance.

Recently, Binance announced the spot trading pair of Terra Classic (LUNC) and TRY. Experts believe that this development will significantly increase the trading volume of Terra Classic (LUNC). The market cap of Terra Classic (LUNC) also shot up after the announcement, reaching $1.4 billion. At press time, Terra Classic (LUNC) is the 43rd largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Earlier, Binance had burned over 3.9 billion Terra Classic (LUNC) tokens on December 1.

Another event that helped Terra Classic (LUNC) scale is the recent decision by Terraform Labs. It has decided to put $15 million towards two projects in its ecosystem. The decision aims to buffer liquidity in the Terra ecosystem. Consequently, these developments have attracted more investors toward Terra Classic (LUNC).crypto gym

Everlodge presale takes a bullish leap

The hotel and resort industry has been growing rapidly for the past few years. As per a report by Zippia, the global hotel and travel accommodation industry will grow at a CAGR of 7% by 2025. Moreover, experts predict it will continue to grow at a high rate in the subsequent years. This has made people invest in vacation properties. But it has been difficult to own vacation properties because of the high capital requirements.

To ease this issue, Everlodge has created a web3 platform that will use NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology for hospitality properties. The platform will create NFTs against real estate, and then fractionalize them. As a result, investors will be able to buy luxury properties for only $100. Besides, these digital tokens can be used as collateral for a loan.

The ELDG token will be the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Holders of the token will get many benefits and lucrative offers, including staking rewards, access to Rewards Club, and more. The smart contract for the digital tokens has been independently audited.

The presale round of Everlodge is currently in its seventh stage. Currently, an ELDG token is available to purchase at $0.025, a 150% jump from its initial price of $0.01. The total token supply has been fixed at 800 million. Notably, 480 million tokens of the total supply are for the presale round.

Market pundits predict that the value of these tokens will soar by 280% during the presale phase. Moreover, the project’s value is expected to skyrocket by 30 times before its official launch on exchanges.

For more information about Everlodge (ELDG) please visit their website.


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