Cyprus’ police chief has given strict orders for tougher police presence during large gatherings and popular spots across the country, the force’s spokesman Christos Andreou said on Monday.

He stressed the force is taking extra measures to ensure plans such as the foiled terrorist plot will be deterred in the future.

In statements to a pool of reporters in Limassol, Andreou was commenting over public risks a day after news broke of a planned terror attack against Israelis and Jews on the island was foiled.

“There is nothing to worry about at the moment, people do not need to panic. We are taking all measures and hope there will not be any serious issues.”

Responding to questions that this is not the first time arrests have taken place over such matters, Andreou highlighted more measures are being taken to deter such plans.

According to Andreou, the police chief issued the orders to all senior personnel in the force on Friday. He stressed there needs to be far stronger police presence during large events and popular sites across the country.

Additionally, high-crime spots need to be targeted with more officers, Andreou stressed.

Currently, police are constantly assessing information coming in from various sources “whether they concern Europol, Interpol or other sources such as third countries”.

Everything is evaluated and officers react accordingly where appropriate, the spokesman added.

Asked if Greek Cypriots or any other individuals may have been implicated with the two Iranian nationals arrested in connection with the foiled terror attack, Andreou said he would not go into further detail, due to national security issues.

“So as not to create panic, there is currently nothing else for any other people involved.”

He reiterated comments made by Justice Minister Anna Procopiou on Sunday, that the country was preparing against a potential lone wolf attack.

EU home affairs chief Ylva Johansson has said there be a “huge risk” of terrorist attacks during the Christmas period.