The Cyprus Agriculture Payments Organisation (Capo) has officially completed payments totalling €748,567 for the programme bringing fruit, vegetables, and milk into schools for the academic year 2022-2023.

Capo said on Tuesday that the programme was entirely funded by the European Union, with the government contributing a total of €21,709 to subsidise the VAT expenses incurred within the programme.

Its primary objectives are to ensure a consistent increase in the portion of fruits, vegetables and milk in children’s diets as they shape their nutritional habits, and to promote proper and balanced nutrition gradually improving the health of Cypriot children and teenagers.

“The programme also aims to increase children’s knowledge of agricultural production and good dietary practices and to achieve the goals of the Common Agricultural Policy, including increasing income in the agricultural sector, stabilising agricultural markets, and facilitating current and future supplies of agricultural products,” Capo’s statement said.