Finance Minister Makis Keravnos on Tuesday hailed an agreement reached between the government and trade unions regarding low-wage civil servants’ pay as “a positive outcome for everyone.”

He added that “this agreement should be welcomed. Any problems which arise in future will be dealt with as part of the rationalisation of the public sector payroll.”

The agreement pertains to a wage increase for those on the A2, A5, A7 scale, and comes at the end of weeks of discussions between unions and the government.

It was signed by unions Sek and Pasydy, with Peo withholding their signature until an agreement is reached regarding the dispute between workers and the government regarding those on the A1, A2, A5 scale.

“As the salary scale in the public sector is formed, it is recognised that the people who are on this scale should receive some upgrade, so as to have more balanced salary progression in the public sector,” Keravnos said.

He added that “the government, weighing up all the facts… gave a proposal which we believe will benefit everyone on these pay scales.”

His pleasure at the agreement was shared by Pasydy general secretary Stratis Matthaiou, who said “today is an important day for low-wage workers because we have reached an agreement which has very positive elements within it.”

“Everyone wins and everyone benefits from this agreement. Some more and some less, but everyone benefits,” he said.

He also touched on the matter of those on the A1, A2, A5 scale, for whom discussions remain ongoing, saying the unions “will not abandon them”, and that the matter will be seen to next year.

“A deal is really very important,” he added.

Sek general secretary Andreas Ilias said “today we reached an agreement which concerns low-wage workers but also a review of the state payroll as a whole.”

He added that there are “significant positives” to the deal.

“With today’s agreement, the framework and the role of social dialogue are reaffirmed,” he said.