A demonstration in solidarity with Palestine will take place in Eleftheria Square in Nicosia on Sunday at 2pm.

The demonstration, organised by the group called “United for Palestine”, aims to shed light on the intensifying violence stemming from the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

A statement issued by the group, stressed the harrowing reality faced by people in Gaza.

“There is no sanctuary in Gaza! Despite this, the recent UN Security Council vote witnessed the United States’ persistent involvement in this devastating conflict by opposing a ceasefire,” the statement said.

The group further added that the global wave of protests in solidarity with Palestinians is beginning to yield consequences.

“Benjamin Netanyahu has voiced serious apprehensions regarding the impact of global demonstrations on the war efforts, alongside Puma’s decision to withdraw its sponsorship from the Israeli football association,” the statement highlighted.

The statement concluded by acknowledging Cyprus’ change of stance on supporting a ceasefire of hostilities in Gaza during the latest recent UN General Assembly.