Finance Minister Makis Keravnos emphasized on Friday that initial steps have been taken to appoint experts for a study on the state payroll, with further updates expected after the holidays.

Letters seeking assistance have been sent to relevant organisations, Keravnos told the state broadcaster. He expressed concerns about the current rate of expenses in the state payroll, indicating that if unchecked, the situation could become increasingly worrying.

Keravnos remained cagey as to how exactly the state payroll may be slashed, saying all would be revealed once the study is undertaken and the results are ready.

Though some suggestions include restructuring the civil service, the minister did not specify if this was something currently being considered.

“Experts will be the ones to decide.”

Keravnos detailed that the ministry has sent out the letters and responses were expected after the holiday period.

He announced the idea earlier this month during his speech over the government budget before parliament, specifying an external body would be commissioned to carry out a study on streamlining the state payroll, based on international and European standards.

Additionally, at the beginning of every year, the finance ministry would present to cabinet every new job opening deemed necessary.

This would be substantiated with documentation and would require cabinet’s approval.