Avoid the temptation of doing nothing because it has become colder outside says DESPINA NICOLA

In the chilly embrace of the season, when the temptation to wrap up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and biscuits becomes irresistible; the idea of embarking on a journey towards a healthier version of myself seems almost ludicrous.

I yearn for the days where I could indulge in the simple pleasures of life without worrying about the repercussions on my waistline. Breaking the comforting embrace of unhealthy habits, particularly my nightly rendezvous with a fridge full of tempting treats, felt like an insurmountable challenge. Food had become my confidant and solace, providing instant happiness after the chaotic hassle of a workday.

However, a looming event – my daughter’s wedding – propelled me into a realm of self-reflection and determination. I decided to take a leap of faith and joined Slimming World, seeking not just a weight loss programme but a community of support.

It was here that I stumbled upon the transformative wisdom of Paul Vercammen, a beacon of guidance in my quest for a healthier lifestyle. As I embraced Paul’s insights, my journey towards wellness became a comical yet empowering narrative.

Days unfolded like a well-scripted sitcom, each moment a scene filled with laughter, self-discovery and mindful choices.

Morning affirmations and positive intentions (7am)

Inspired by Paul’s wisdom, my mornings kick off with a ritual of positive affirmations. Hand on heart, I take deep breaths, immersing myself in a cascade of happy thoughts. Expressing gratitude for family, friends, job, and home sets a positive tone for the day, turning mundane moments into opportunities for reflection and appreciation.

Mindful breakfast (8am)

Following Paul’s Fantastic Four Rules, breakfast transforms into a mindful start to the day. No more mindless munching – only a connection with true hunger. Each bite is savoured without the distraction of screens, making breakfast a moment of connection with my body’s signals. Paul’s golden rules guide me away from diet fads and into a realm of intuitive eating.

Midday gratitude check-in (12pm)

A quick gratitude check-in at noon helps reset and maintain a positive mindset. It’s a grounding practice, a pause button in the midst of a bustling day. Gratitude becomes a powerful tool for mental well-being, a reminder that even in challenges, there’s always something to be thankful for.

Lunch as a romantic interlude (1pm)

The Food Love Revolution takes center stage during lunch. Meals are treated like romantic dinner dates, and mindful eating becomes a priority. Lunchtime is a celebration of flavours, textures and nourishment, transcending mere sustenance into self-care and appreciation for the fuel that sustains me.

Afternoon snack (3pm)

Armed with the knowledge of sugar’s impact, I choose snacks aligning with health goals. The afternoon snack becomes a strategic move in the chess game of nutrition, guiding me away from the pitfalls of excessive sweetness and towards sustained energy.

Evening rebel against overeating (6pm)

Embracing Paul’s rebel yell against the ‘Clean Plate Club,’ dinner becomes a delicate dance with portions. Leaving food on the plate is not a crime but a rebellion against overeating. This rebellion is a declaration of autonomy over my body and its unique needs.

Wellness reflection instead of Netflix (8pm)

The evening becomes a time for health prioritisation. Instead of Netflix binges during dinner, I reflect on the drama of neglecting well-being. The evening reflection serves as a debriefing session, celebrating victories and acknowledging areas for improvement in the journey toward a healthier self.

In this sitcom-like journey, I’ve used Paul Vercammen’s wisdom to transform negative habits into confidence. The pursuit of a healthier and happier me unfolds as a hilarious sitcom, with a spoiler alert: I’m the star gaining not just confidence but also a newfound desire to socialise!

As the days progress, this daily routine infused with Paul’s wisdom becomes a dynamic script. Each moment is a scene in the evolving narrative of self-discovery and well-being. The journey is not without its challenges, but armed with Paul’s insights, every obstacle becomes a plot twist, and every triumph a moment of character development. Through laughter, gratitude, and mindful choices and resilience develops a healthier, happier me. Time will tell though if I will be able to keep to my weight loss journey and fit into the mother-of-the-bride dress I bought that was a size too small.