The European Central Bank (ECB) approved the appointment of Petros Christodoulou as the Non-Executive Chairman of the Hellenic Bank Board of Directors, with immediate effect.

Christodoulou replaces Christos Themistocleous’ who was acting chairman since the beginning of July and remains a member of the board.

Christodoulou, born in 1960, has had a successful 38-year career in finance. He started at Credit Suisse, worked at Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, and held important roles at the National Bank of Greece from 1998 to 2014. His expertise includes securities trading, treasury, global markets, and commercial banking.

In both banking and shipping leadership roles, Christodoulou played a key part in the Greek PSI, the largest voluntary debt restructuring. He also managed a shipping MLP with 47 vessels on Nasdaq. He serves on the Boards of Aegean Baltic Bank, Minetta Insurance, Danaos Corp, and Guardian Capital Group.