A 38-year-old man was arrested on Thursday to help police investigations regarding a car theft and illegal possession of property in Larnaca.

Police said that shortly midnight, officers in Larnaca identified a vehicle with fake licence plates in the parking lot of a hotel. Nearby, they located a truck, reported as stolen on January 9.

Police examinations revealed that the vehicle was being used by a 38-year-old residing in the hotel.

They found the man inside the hotel, and during a search, a travel bag was found, containing various religious artifacts.

According to the police, the man “failed to provide satisfactory explanations for how these specific items came into his possession, resulting in his arrest for the on-the-spot offence of illegal possession of property”.

Subsequent investigations in the vehicle uncovered a short-barrelled hunting rifle, reported as stolen to the police on December 23, 2023, along with various tools and keys to the stolen truck.

The 38-year-old was arrested and appeared before the Larnaca district court on Thursday when he was remanded for seven days.