Epidemiologist Petros Kararyiannis on Saturday appealed to the public, especially the elderly and vulnerable groups, to get vaccinated to protect themselves from Covid-19.

The Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Virology at the University of Nicosia Medical School said that despite warnings and recommendations since September, many citizens have still not been vaccinated.

He estimated that this is either out of fear or due to misinformation circulating, he told CyBC radio.

He added that since measures have been lifted for a year, immunity has decreased, leading to the observed surge in January.

Commenting on the opinion that vaccines cause autoimmune diseases, Karayiannis pointed out that based on recent research, Covid-19 itself induces many more autoimmune responses.

The doctor added that the intention is to establish an annual vaccination for protection against coronavirus, which will be updated according to new strains of the virus.

Health authorities have reintroduced the mandate for negative Covid tests and mask use in nursing homes, hospitals, outpatient clinics, dentists, and facilities for vulnerable groups, following a surge in cases earlier this month.