In the last ten days, police in the British Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) have arrested and fined three individuals a total of €4,500 for bird trapping violations.

The arrests in the Eastern Sovereign Base areas, carried out on January 19, 21, and 23, also brought to light the discovery of freshly killed thrushes, mist nets, bird imitating devices, shotguns, and cartridges.

According to the SBA police, “the arrests follow an escalated police presence collaborating with NGOs to counter the poaching of migrating thrushes, particularly between November and February.”

In one instance, a man was found in possession of three mist nets measuring 75 metres in the Ayios Nikolaos area.

Speaking after the arrests, Superintendent Panicos Panayi stressed the commitment to sustained police efforts against bird trapping.

We take pride in the success we have achieved in reducing the amount of bird trapping within the SBAs, and we are determined to see that continue,” he said.

Panayi further highlighted the significance of the recent seizures, noting the potential impact on bird populations.

“Finding one man in possession of 75 meters of mist nets is a lot, you can only imagine how many birds could have been caught.”

Two of the arrested individuals are due to appear in court to face additional charges for other offences.

Panayi underlined the force’s ongoing commitment to allocate more resources on the ground and utilise all available technology, including drones and cameras, to enhance detection and apprehension of those engaging in bird trapping within the SBAs.

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