Police recorded over a thousand violations over the weekend, authorities said on Monday commenting on their beefed-up operations.

Police carried out 2,103 checks on persons and 2,091 checks on vehicles and 310 checks on establishments, in coordinated operations throughout the country. There were 1,052 traffic violations, 53 vehicles detained and the managers of 40 establishments were reported.

Police said that from Friday night until Monday morning, in the context of tackling serious and organised crime and nuisance issues, during the three-day period, a total of 310 establishments were checked and the managers of 40 establishments were charged for various violations related to the operation of the establishments, such as noise pollution from music and the sale of alcoholic beverages without a licence.

Police said that 464 people were charged for speeding, 32 passengers for not using seatbelts, 41 for mobile phone use, 54 for drink-driving, and nine for driving under the influence of drugs.

A total of 37 people were found driving without MOT, motor vehicle inspections, while six were found driving without a licence.

Another 88 were found passing red lights, and 84 parking violations were recorded.