Two dead bodies have been found washed up on the coast near Ayios Epiktitos in the space of 24 hours.

The first body was found at around 8.15am on Tuesday, and the second was found at 8am on Wednesday. Both bodies belonged to males, and both had suffered extensive damage.

Neither body has yet been identified, and the police’s investigations into both incidents are ongoing.

The news comes after three dead bodies washed up in Karpasia in the space of 11 days earlier in January, while eight bodies also washed up on Turkey’s southern coast, near Antalya.

It was believed that some of those bodies may have originated from a ship which departed from Lebanon towards Cyprus, which may have sunk.

Following the finding of eight bodies in Turkey, the Antalya governor’s office said it had contacted the Lebanese Embassy in Ankara to inform them that contact had been lost with “a ship carrying around 90 people” which had departed from Lebanon bound for Cyprus.