The bull market is back, and as global liquidity levels swell and faith in the dollar crumbles investors tend to chase risk assets. Cryptos are the longtail of risk assets and have, to date, massively outperformed traditional equities in every cycle. Stocks are already at ATHs, and digital assets could follow later this year.

Many retail investors are starting to dip their toes in, and buy orders made today in the pre-bull market could be well-positioned in twelve months. Here is how to invest $1,000 in today’s crypto market.

Building the perfect portfolio

Investors who want to see higher with their portfolio generally must assume more risk than the investor looking to grow their portfolio by smaller margins. The strategy is simple. Pick a strong selection of altcoins and hold some Bitcoin ($BTC).
But what are the best cryptocurrencies to buy? Which altcoins should an investor be holding? Alongside Bitcoin, investors should consider holding tokens that grant broad market exposure to different verticals, and a good example of those would be Ordi ($ORDI), Optimism ($OP), Celestia ($TIA), and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). Let’s take a deep dive to understand why.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) new hybrid Memecoins Meet P2E

>Galaxy Fox naturally has positive upside potential due to it being a presale. Investors who were active in 2017 will remember the presale mania that swept the space. Investors like taking longshots on future stars, and joining before the token launches on the open market maximizes ROI. Galaxy Fox has risen through the ranks and, after crossing $3 million in funding, has established itself as a real contender this cycle.

This protocol deploys a new hybrid model blending the P2E and memecoins genres. Its addictive runner game enables players to earn real cash and is a great onboarding tool for the ecosystem. $GFOX’s tokenomics are thoroughbred memecoin with a token burn reducing the total supply. Down-only tokens typically attract attention during bull markets, with greater demand chasing a smaller supply, leading to price squeezes.

Galaxy Fox’s staking rewards make this project an ideal crypto for beginners, and the unique model of funding staking payouts with taxes means investors earn yield on a deflationary asset. Benefitting from two growing narratives (GameFi & appetite for memecoins), Galaxy Fox is excellently positioned and is an excellent addition to any portfolio seeking 10X returns. galaxy

Celestia ($TIA) modularity narrative

Celestia is a data availability solution, and its enormous FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation) shows how keen investors are on the modularity narrative. In simple terms, Celestia orders data and makes it available. It does this at a far lower cost basis than Ethereum, providing a perfect foundational primitive for creating rollups.

While few projects want to challenge any of the top ten cryptocurrencies, Celestia is going head to head with Ethereum ($ETH) with its data availability services. Best understood as a B2B solution, Celestia is the groundwork for creating economically feasible custom-execution zones. The potential for $TIA to eat the stack explains its massive FDV and the growing narrative surrounding Celstia and modular architecture.

Optimism ($OP): The $ETH Beta

Optimism is a logical choice for anybody who is bullish on Ethereum. Holding $OP is a leveraged position on $ETH. Due to its lower market cap, Optimism could potentially outperform Ethereum. The increasing adoption of the OP Stack makes holding $OP attractive, mainly because these token holders control governance rights over all chains built using the OP Stack.

Ordi ($ORDI): A bet on the Bitcoin network

Ordi was the first BRC-20 token created using the Ordinals protocol. This innovation allowed users to inscribe data onto Satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) and create tokens and the equivalents of NFTs on the Bitcoin network. $ORDI has a historic value as the first of its kind, and the continued growth of DeFi on the Bitcoin network could bring value to $ORDI token holders.

Bitcoin ($BTC): Store of value narrative

Bitcoin is an obvious hold for any investor, and it has been the top-performing asset of the past decade. The modern equivalent to gold and the best store of value in current times. Every portfolio should hold a percentage of $BTC. However, those holding a greater percentage in altcoins unlock greater upside potential.

Closing thoughts: Making returns this bullrun

Smaller altcoins have historically provided the most upside in Bull Markets due to their small market caps. Presales like $GFOX that have yet to go to market invite investors to join at the earliest stage – the point of maximal financial opportunity.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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