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Dollar’s Destiny could propel Bitcoin to $10M, Schiff predicts; Growing Whale confidence in emerging AI Altcoin which can be the Graph competitor


Bitcoin (BTC) critic and economist Peter Schiff recently hit the headlines over his remarks about the cryptocurrency’s future. Schiff has claimed that the Bitcoin price could go up to $10 million if the US dollar crashes and meets the same fate as the German Papiermark while the country was reeling under hyperinflation in the 1920s. 

Ethereum-based AI altcoin InQubeta (QUBE) is providing tough competition to big coins like The Graph (GRT). 

Considered one of the best altcoins to buy now, InQubeta helps startups in finding investors for their AI-led projects. Experts have hailed the QUBE token as the next big altcoin since it has an interesting and unique utility. 

InQubeta: Crafting new success routes for AI startups

InQubeta has been created to make fundraising a less taxing process for startups working with AI. The platform uses decentralized finance to create a straightforward investment model where startups and investors interact through NFT sales. 

Despite being launched barely a year ago, the platform commands a global presence and is seeing rising whale activity. Its presale funding has reached $8.6 million currently. 

The NFTs traded represent AI startup projects. Crypto buyers can evaluate these NFTs and then buy them with QUBE tokens – the official medium of exchange within the InQubeta ecosystem. The ease of fractional investment in NFTs and seamless payments make InQubeta a good crypto to buy

The QUBE token has garnered a lot of praise for its deflationary model, which beats market volatility and keeps the asset value stable. Under conditions like high inflation, the token supply is lowered. It becomes difficult to acquire the QUBE token, and its demand stays high. The mismatch between demand and supply boosts its prices even when other asset categories are flailing.

If the supply rises, it’s brought back within a permissible range by burning the excess tokens in circulation.

The QUBE token’s supply is capped at 1.5 billion, but more than half of the stock will be sold during public sales. The remaining tokens will be used for meeting operational overheads including paying for marketing activities, legal fees, and developers.qube2

The Graph rolls out Subgraph Radio

Considered among the best crypto investments of 2023, The Graph is an indexing protocol that can be used for querying blockchain data. The platform enables developers to leverage subgraphs – open-source application programming interfaces (APIs) – to organize data for dApps. Through subgraphs, dApps can be made easier to access and more efficient. The platform’s native token is GRT. 

The Graph was in the news recently after the launch of its new tool, the Subgraph Radio. For rolling out the new tool, The Graph has collaborated with blockchain data infrastructure company GraphOps. Subgraph Radio seeks to facilitate information and data exchange between indexers and developers. 

The GRT token has been making rapid strides in the market and has earned the badge of approval from analysts as well. Given its potential, market experts suggest that it can potentially extend its gain in the coming months.

Hong Kong financial regulator approves China-based firm’s Bitcoin ETF application

Bitcoin is a user-friendly cryptocurrency that’s used worldwide for online payments. Its native token, BTC, has been growing steadily. As per noted economist Peter Schiff, Bitcoin has the potential to go up to $10 million if the US dollar crashes.

The launch of spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has also given Bitcoin’s popularity a big boost. 

The market debut of the funds was delayed due to US regulators’ concerns about ETF acceptance criteria. Despite the concerns, the authorities gave the spot ETFs a green light in January. 

The ETF mania is now making inroads into other parts of the world as well. The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong recently approved a spot Bitcoin ETF application filed by China-based firm Harvard Fund Management. According to reports, the firm has plans to launch the fund in Hong Kong in the first quarter of the year. 


If you are looking for top crypto coins to add to your portfolio, Bitcoin, InQubeta, and The Graph are coins that you can consider. In the recent past, the three cryptocurrencies have posted strong results and are topping popularity charts.

According to analysts, their growth-oriented models make them ideal for long-term planning. Their robust security frameworks and cutting-edge technology ensure that users aren’t missing out on opportunities in the DeFi sector.

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