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Finding light in unexpected places


Have you ever had the privilege of encountering a young lightworker? You know, the kind, whose mere presence infuses a room with an energy so vibrant and positive it feels as if you’re basking in their glow.

On Friday my day took a remarkable turn, unveiling blessings in the most unexpected way. A dear friend invited me to join her to visit a young hero in the children’s oncology ward at the Makarios Hospital in Nicosia.

This wasn’t just any ordinary visit – it was a deeply meaningful gesture driven by my friend’s unwavering dedication to fulfilling a special request from this brave young soul.

Stepping into the room, we were met with a sight that stirred our hearts. The radiant light and happiness emanating from the eyes of our young hero filled us with a profound sense of awe and gratitude. It was as if the room itself was illuminated by an ethereal glow, suffused with warmth and positivity that touched our souls with bursts of love and bliss.

In the presence of this young hero, battling against cancer with a courage that belied his tender years, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of positive energy that seemed to transcend the confines of his hospital room. His resilience and unwavering spirit created an atmosphere filled with hope, courage, and love – a space where fear and despair had no place to dwell.

As someone deeply attuned to the principles of Feng Shui, I understand the significance of creating environments that foster the flow of positive energy. However, my encounter with this young hero reaffirmed that the most potent catalyst for activating such energy resides within each of us. His infectious laughter, his sparkling eyes and his indomitable resilience served as a powerful reminder that true positivity emanates from the depths of our being.

Through this brief yet impactful meeting, I was graciously reminded of our innate ability to be messengers of light and vessels of positivity. By nurturing our own energy and cultivating qualities of compassion, resilience and gratitude, we become conduits for spreading positivity and light wherever we go.

My newfound friend, the young lightworker, serves as an inspiration – a living tribute to the fact that true healing and transformation begin from within. As we welcome the Lunar Chinese New Year with open arms, let’s carry with us the invaluable lessons learned from this young hero. May his infectious energy and bright eyes illuminate the darkest corners of hospital wards and continue to inspire us all to embrace the light within ourselves and radiate it outwards, creating environments brimming with love, joy, hope and boundless possibility. After all, positive energy is highly contagious!

In sending my heartfelt wishes for his swift recovery and endless blessings along his journey, I am reminded that positive energy knows no bounds and can permeate even the most unexpected places. Let us honour his teachings by spreading love and light wherever our paths may lead.


Freda Yannitsas is a committed Mindfulness Advocate and Feng Shui Strategist, merging the insights of ancient Greek philosophers and Eastern traditions. She provides a harmonious blend of remedies and practices, guiding people towards wise and mindful living while activating positive energies in their living spaces. Find her on TikTok and Instagram

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