By Rony Junior El Daccarche

A sum of 900,000 euros has been invested towards the last phase of upgrading and improving the roads in Dherynia, the municipality announced on Wednesday.

A part of the money going towards the paving works was donated a year ago by former minister of transport, Yiannis Karousos, the municipality said.

“The investment in the paving works will cover approximately nine kilometres worth in the area, totaling about 60 roads,” it added.

Upon completion of the final phase of paving works, the municipality will have invested a total of €2.2 million since 2017 towards all the works.

However, the municipality reported that the works will be delayed slightly due to the current paving of roads between Dherynia to Sotiras and the pending request to the government to aid in the road improvements between Dherynia to Frenaros.