A 51-year-old man had to be rescued by police after crashing his vehicle into a ravine on Sunday.

The authorities were initially alerted around 6pm, when the man was reported as missing by a family member. Police succeeded in locating him three hours later in a 50m deep ravine near Alambra, in the Nicosia district.

Special fire fighters (Emak) extricated the 51-year-old who had become trapped inside his overturned car.

The man’s brother had earlier reported to the Pera Chorio police station that the 51-year-old had called him shortly before 6pm and told him he was not well.

The 51-year-old did not provide other information to his brother, nor his whereabouts. He had been absent from his home since 10am and concerns were raised that he was drunk. The man is also disabled from a leg injury.

Police reported that the 51-year-old was successfully rescued with his health in “good” condition.