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Exhibition links Arizona and Cyprus

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What connections do the southern US state of Arizona and our Mediterranean island have? A new exhibition set to open at Art Seen Gallery in Nicosia from the duo Nicos Philippou and Marilena Zackheos takes a closer look.

Titled Arizona, CY, the exhibition forms connections between the two places through original poems and photographs that re-envision prevalent perceptions of Cyprus’ physical and social spaces. Photographer Philippou and writer, poet and academic Zackheos are getting ready to present their work from March 1 to April 5.

Featured in the exhibition is poetry that draws from real-life interethnic conflict, bloodshed, exploitation of and violence against women, as well as narratives of disease and addiction. Stories of trauma, hate and pain appear, while the imagery depicts Arizona landscapes in an uncanny way, inviting visitors to view Cyprus as an “other” space.

“Moreover,” say organisers, “Arizona, CY produces an alternate reading of place, culture and society, highlighting resilience in hard conditions, creative adaptability, environmental care and empathy. The works presented in this exhibition include dialogues between projected images and sound installations, print material and Polaroid photographs, special risograph prints, as well as the Arizona, CY book.” At the opening of the exhibition the artists will be signing the book.


Arizona, CY

Exhibition by the duo Nicos Philippou and Marilena Zackheos. March 1-April 5. Art Seen Gallery, Nicosia. Opening night: 6pm-9pm. Wednesday and Friday: 4pm-7pm. Tel: 22-006624

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