In a bid to ensure road safety, police and road transport department officials intensified their checks on buses and trucks across the island.

Tuesday’s checks were focused primarily on the Famagusta district and were part of a broader initiative by the European Police Traffic Network (Roadpol), running from February 19 to 25.

The inspections targeted the technical and mechanical aspects of buses and trucks on the district’s roads.

Specialised members of the traffic police, including officers working in the engineering control office, participated in the campaign.


Similar checks conducted on Monday were centred on the Paphos district. During Tuesday’s operations, eight vehicles had their suitability certificates revoked due to being deemed unfit for road use.

A considerable number of traffic violations were uncovered, including 58 cases of speeding, 35 instances of overloaded or uncovered cargo, and 52 incidents of driving without the necessary permits or certificates.

Moreover, 20 drivers were cited for lacking protective equipment, while ten were found operating vehicles that were faulty or not registered. An additional 220 reports were filed for various other traffic infractions.