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Mind REset: a valuable green initiative backed by Lidl Cyprus

Mind REset: a valuable green initiative backed by Lidl Cyprus

Following its third year of completion, the mind REset educational environmental programme has established itself as a great institution, aiming to cultivate environmental awareness in children, the future citizens of Cyprus. Organised by Junior Achievement Cyprus, supported by Lidl Cyprus, and implemented under the auspices of the Republic’s education ministry, the programme has shown significant results with the enthusiastic participation of primary and secondary school students.

From the day the programme launched in 2021, total participation numbers have been remarkable, with more than 9,000 children from 140 schools (94 primary and 46 high schools) having been part of mind REset. The fun and interactive programme offers a series of five lessons, based on the five fields of action of the REset Plastic strategy of the Schwarz group, in which Lidl Cyprus also participates, and is aimed at fifth- and sixth-grade primary-school students, and first- and secondyear high-school students.

The mind REset programme is implemented free of charge in public and private schools across Cyprus, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth. It consists of three phases: (a) the teacher and student trainings, (b) the participation of groups in the Trade Fair, from which the 10 finalists emerge, and (c) the Award Ceremony from which the two big “mind REsetters of the year” emerge.

The programme’s modules aim to expose students to green entrepreneurship, helping them develop skills that will contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment. At the same time, students’ business ideas, evaluated for their quality of presentation, design of exhibits and stands and stage presence, are inspired by the REset Plastic strategy, which is aligned with the global vision of reducing the use of plastics and the promotion of closed material cycles.

For the academic year 2023-24, 3,063 students from 68 primary schools and secondary schools across Cyprus, with the support of 154 teachers, participated in the programme.

The winners of the Final Competition were the EGGSclusive team from Engomi High School- Kyriakos Neokleous, which created innovative products which make use of properties of eggshells for bleaching, cleaning and exfoliation and the PLANt Be company team from Stavros Primary School (KB’), which created single or multi-use utility objects from pine needles and flour glue.

These two groups stood out among 10 great finalists with their innovative and environmental proposals, whose main aim was to reduce plastic.

View the highlights video from this year’s programme below.

Reflecting on the vision “Less plastic – Closed Circles of raw materials”, Lidl Cyprus continues to defend environmental sustainability vigorously and actively. Via initiatives like the mind Reset programme, Lidl Cyprus affirms its commitment to fostering a sense of responsibility in the younger generation, guiding it towards more eco-friendly choices for a better tomorrow.

For more information about the mind REset programme, as well as Lidl Cyprus’ upcoming initiatives, visit the website here.

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